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Ever thought about Vedic Astrology?

It is by no means an easy task to begin writing about an ancient science, as a student. However, my fascination and curiosity with astrology has been unquenchable for over 10 years, and recently, my shift to exploring vedic astrology has opened up many new doorways and shed light on many questions I have had about life, the universe and my role in it, as well as our collective roles that we are all playing out here on earth; the stage where the celestial and planetary rays manifest their potentials.

I do not wish to claim title of being a ‘vedic astrologer’ however I write to share my fascination with the subject, as I learn about it and experience its application, as well as combine it with stories, mythologies and archetypes that relate deeply to the human psyche and the human experience.

“Jyotish” literally means the Science of Light, as it is a study of the light from the stars and planets. Light is codified information. Light illuminates the dark shadows of ignorance, and so the knowledge and understanding of the great heavenly bodies serves to en-lighten our minds, hearts and souls.

The ancient Seers, or Rishis, studied the movements of the planets against the starry celestial backdrop, and the relationships that occur between them.

They understood how these relationships had a direct effect on the quality of our daily lives on earth. As they observed these events, the knowledge was passed down orally from master to pupil.

The study of the stars through astrology is fundamentally about understanding the universal archetypes that manifest within us; where we experience all the latent energy and potential of life.

Many people think that astrology is about Fate; that what is written in the stars is unchangeable and “thou shalt repent forever more” No.

Astrology is about becoming a Self-Master. It is about waking up to the forces that coalesce inside; the gradual realisation that we have the ability to direct the impulses, desires, thoughts and feelings that arise from inside us, that in fact, by harnessing this energy and by proper application, we can indeed manifest our full potential on Earth.

Astrology serves as a powerful tool to awaken us to these forces so that we may better understand and apply conscious awareness to our actions. It allows us to accept and to have compassion for our weaknesses, to navigate ourselves through life, building our strengths and serving our higher purpose, from the personal to the universal.

By doing this, by healing ourselves in this way, it serves as the most fundamental way forward to healing all our relationships, be they with our parents, our children, our jobs, because “the other” is always a reflection of yourself. By improving the most important relationship, that to yourself, all your relationships benefit and peace naturally unfolds.

I have always been pulsed by the question : “Why do I do the things I do and how can I change the things that don’t serve me?”

There are many paths on the road to self-mastery, however I believe that a synthesis of astrology as a fundament with other tools and all forms of therapies including yoga, NLP, bodywork, counselling, psycho-drama etc, is a very effective way of finding true power and healing within.

The very tragic, sensitive and unchangeable parts of our lives are much better understood and transformed through the application of the stars and the stories that come with them. As Earth is a field where physical expression takes place, we incarnate with our soul’s desire to complete ‘unfinished business’ from other lifetimes. It could be called a Karmic debt. Looking into the birth chart and other charts can then shed light into why you keep attracting say, the same chaotic relationships, or how you can bring healing and balance to your family’s ancestral wounds.

The idea of karmic debt does not mean that we have to feel guilty for “bad” things done in the past, (thereby creating more karma by dwelling there), but by becoming humble and accepting our limitations in the current lifetime. In so doing, we can take action using our free-will to liberate and transform the thought-forms that originally created the limitation, and move closer to balance and harmony.

Sometimes this can feel like a constant uphill battle, but that all depends on your ability to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. It is not about finding the easy route, it is about finding the way(s) that work best for you as an individual and then applying that to all aspects of your life.

That is when life flows, and what may seem impossible to one is a breeze for you, as you are allowing yourself full expression of Light; that the cosmic rays you incarnated with radiate with purity and truth.

When you were born, your soul chose the perfect alignment of cosmic and planetary energy which would serve the foundation for your life experience for this current incarnation. Think of it like an energetic snapshot of the cosmos at that particular moment when you took your first breath. The amalgamation of past actions and residual karmas combined with present soul purpose arises and through divine, complex, mathematical and synchronistic alignment; the combination of planets, signs, houses and planetary relationships provide the stage for the soul, the spirit and the ego, to create its next story on Earth.

Now this is where free-will comes in.

Earth is a planet of free-will… and so we have choice at every moment.

If say, in the birth chart, there are indications of a weak digestive system and a pre-disposition for intestinal or pancreatic disease, then with this knowledge we can choose to take necessary steps to rectify the imbalance and not indulge in hard-to-digest, excessively sweet and mucus-forming foods. We can train ourselves to put more energy in moving the body, going for walks etc, and designing a lifestyle that supports all our needs.

Or say, one has a lot of money and wishes to make an investment, but is unsure of when could be a good time to begin. One can look to the stars of the moment and see where the planets are, for example Jupiter, venus and the moon placed in positive signs and nakshatras* with positive aspects upon the birth chart could indicate a prosperous time ahead with the possibility of gains in speculation and business. However if there are some malefic* influences happening, then perhaps it is best to wait until they are over and proceed after a certain date.

The birth chart(s) then, become a most detailed ‘road map’ for your life. Again, this does not mean that you are fated for a particular experience, rather it shows your potential, it helps you to understand what you came here to do in the best and highest way.

The quality and level of consciousness of a soul can turn a debilitation into a strength. A less evolved soul can turn a fantastic planetary combination into a highly destructive force. It all depends on the soul’s purpose this life and the strength and purity of the mind/consciousness.

Well, I hope that serves as an interesting introductory article on astrology, a little about what astrology means; in understanding the more esoteric application of astrology in daily life.

Join me as we explore this ancient form of astrology. An introduction into the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology; a little about what astrology means; an understanding of the more esoteric application of astrology in daily life.

We will learn the differences between vedic (sidereal) and western astrology; highlight the main factors in astrology and the birth chart, find out how the planets got their rulerships and more!

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*Nakshatra : One of the 27 lunar mansions relating to the lunar calendar. The 360 degree zodiac is divided into 27 ‘mansions of 13’20. (13 degrees and 20 minutes) The nakshatra where your moon is located is the primary indication of personality.

*Malefic : A vedic astrology term signifying a force which does not naturally reap beneficial results. Eg: Saturn, which represents delays and is the father of time, his force is malefic unless properly understood and harnessed.


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Darinka enjoys the gypsy life travelling to India, South America, Europe and Asia, and currently lives in New Zealand in an American Indian Teepee. She is also a passionate photographer and seeker of truth. Studying astrology since her late teens, Darinka continued to study astrology books and charts to uncover and understand varies astrology streams.

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