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You can own nothing in this world.

Some of you may feel a sense of relief at reading this—of weight lifted. Others may feel a sense of loss. What you are actually tuning into as this occurs is your earthly energy body. You see, everything you allegedly own, as well as your job, your partner, and even the guise you present to the world in the name of professionalism, is essentially a relationship to you based on energy. It is the energy of these “things” or “situations” that impact upon you, not the objects directly. So it is in your energy body, and ultimately in your physical body, that you experience the relationship with all things.

How do you actually feel about yourself right now? Empty, full, abandoned, loved, alone, bad, wonderful, unfulfilled, fulfilled? How do you sense your presence? Close your eyes for a moment. Can you sense yourself? Can you also sense within you the essence of those others who are closest to you, or more correctly, your relationship with them? Can you also sense where you are living right now? Your house is also incorporated into your energy field, your greater energy body. Your town or suburb, your city—can you sense these situations within your body? How do they make you feel? Do they give you energy, do you feel love; or do they in some way detract from you or make you feel lessened? Your job, your character—are they really you? Your friends, your country, even your planet—your relationships to all these things are within your body, are aspects of your greater energy body. They are you in this dimension. How do they make you feel?

I remember years ago coming across the process of looking within my physical body with the aim of relaxing it. I became obsessed with this form of internal consciousness, fascinated with the layers of tension that seemed coiled within me. Every time I’d sit down, whether in a train or a shop or on the beach, I’d sense within, and with my breath I simply let go what was whatever was there, clenching me in some way. Of course I had discovered meditation, but I couldn’t believe its power! It was as though a new sense had been ignited from within me. Why didn’t everyone know about this?

When you begin to genuinely recognize the actual makeup of your greater body, you also unleash a power that releases you from the perennial need to react or to suffer. As you identify the sources of your un-ease you inadvertently begin to defragment yourself, piece by piece. And as you eliminate these aspects of your greater body that you believed to be you and that somehow suffocated you, you ironically recognize them not to be of you. This truly is the great paradox! You see, all these things, people, relationships, jobs, places and situations that impact upon you, that compose you, that can make you feel well or ill—at the moment you recognize them as the stuff of your greater body—they simply disappear. It’s like breaking the picture down into assorted jigsaw pieces, and them removing the pieces one by one. Eventually you’re left with a perfectly blank canvas. Nothing there! Just the base—thing free, place free, character free, relationship free. Free. That’s who you are: a living, breathing, perfect paradox. It’s called being human.

Now ironically, it is in this state of non-duality—in which the reactive aspect of your being has simply left the scene—where you will find a more intuitive and pleasurable sphere of interaction with the world of form around you. It is as though a gentle but penetrating rain-shower has cleansed the atmosphere around you, allowing your senses a greater scope of feeling and caress. Time will show its spaces, releasing you from its illusory shackles, and you will break free from the bondage you normally associate with as being your life. Your spirit recognizes this and is constantly guiding you toward this space of non-reactivity, non-duality—a greater reality.

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Greg Doyle is a trained classical musician, Reiki master/teacher, and passionate surfer. Awakening the Giant Within is his first book, and outlines his spiritual awakening. Born in Australia, he currently lives with his wife, Monika, a flautist, in Spain. Visit Greg’s website at

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