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Just imagine that I had the power to grant your every wish and I said to you that within the next twelve months you could have everything you’ve always wanted.  Money, ideas, opportunities and other people will all come to help you create all of your dreams.  The only condition though is that you need to act on your highest values.  Would you be a different person to the one you are today?  Would you be kinder, more tolerant, more accepting?  Would you use the time you have to prepare for what you want?  Then do it now.

I feel sad every time that someone says to me, ”If money was no object I would…” and they put their dreams aside because they believe they can’t have them.  You have your desires for a reason. By acting on values you can change limiting beliefs, manifest your heart’s desires and change the way you feel about yourself.

Too many people have accepted a belief in limitation which is so prevalent in our society. I want you to really think about this, will the world be a better place if you struggle and deny yourself the things that are really important to you?  Of course there are people with money who are not good role models for wealth, but money is not their problems, their problem is lack of self worth.

By giving yourself permission to have what you want, even when you don’t know how you are going to get it, you change the energy around you and other people pick up on that.

I don’t believe that money is the answer to all problems.  I also don’t believe that having no money makes you a better person.  I don’t believe that age or circumstances need to limit what you can manifest and I believe that if we pursue our desires in an honourable way we become better people for doing so.

The most common belief that most people share is a feeling of ”not being good enough”.  If you indulge that fear and by that I mean you talk about how inadequate you feel or you don’t try anything new then nothing in your life changes, except how you feel about yourself.  Usually your self esteem diminishes and that’s because you have used your energy, being your thoughts, words and actions to create more of what you don’t want.

If you want your life to change then you need to start acting as if you are good enough.  The way to do this is to ask yourself questions whenever you want to change a situation.  If you lack confidence you would say to yourself, ”How would a confident person act in this situation?”  You would then act like the person that you want to be.  Although initially you are pretending to be more confident than you feel there is nothing fraudulent about this behaviour.  You act like a fraud when you put on a front to impress someone, or for special occasions, then the moment that situation has ended you go back to being yourself.  By acting on values you act like the person you want to be and when you do this repeatedly over time you become that person.

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Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is a passionate Life Coach, creator of the Heart Process Coaching Model, author of the best selling book, “Love the Life You Live” and several more titles that help to support many individuals to create meaningful lives.

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