Sage Magazine – Advertising with Conscious Contribution


We would love you to get involved. Sage Magazine is a multi-channelled media brand that connects with all soul travellers, making Sage Magazine an effective link to the worldside holistic community.

Combining beautiful imagery, interactive articles and inspired content from the “mind body spirit” community, Sage Magazine will present features that will engage and inspire readers. Featuring the latest technology, Sage provides a totally new experience in digital magazines. Each page introduces elements of visual and audio as well as a whole new level of communication between the reader and the content (both editors and advertisers).

Sage is one of the first fully interactive platform for the spiritually inclined reader. Direct links to websites, feature movies, music for your mobile and HD images that bring the magazine to life. Sage is a holistic dynamic, global event, available soon on iPhone, iPad, Andoid and PC.

Advertising will be by way of conscious contribution. Contact us below to find out more about advertising in Sage Magazine

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