Devorah – Inspirations and Constellations


Devorah adores sound and vision, the mythic, the mystical and the sacred and likes to genuinely connect with others, sharing the stories of our lives. Professionally she merges her background in both radio and television production with her lifelong fascination for mythology, philosophy, spirituality and the esoteric. Devorah holds a Diploma in Psychological Astrology and Counselling/Development and NLP and has taught ‘Astrological Compatibility’ at Nature Care College, one of Australia’s most reputable Natural Therapy colleges. Through her studies encompassing Kabbalah and the Art of Astrology, Devorah weaves ancient symbolism, myth & archetype together, and guides your intuitive awareness though personal consultations and classes. Devorah will be presenting Inspirations and Constellations in Sage Magazine in 2015.

Check out Devorah’s December 2014 Installations and Constellations here.