Remember The Essence of 2015



This is the year that the right people find each other in the right place at the right time – the energies of the goat enhance the journey to the top of the mountain, you have no need to struggle now, simply to surrender and allow this natural process of transformation to occur.

Success is seen as self-love and having the courage to venture beyond ‘normal’ to what is truly known, all that is ‘unseen’. The maps of magnificence reside within you…no outside interference is necessary – follow your own heart calling. Now the seeds of the sacred need your nourishment, prayer, meditation and movement, that the soils of Pachamama sustain your deepest desires for positive outcomes and your greatest good.

Your thoughts move into the planetary mix – they are heard and they are felt…you are not alone. This is truly the year that hope expands to happiness, that you feel perfect, whole and complete and that the natural spring of synchronistic events helps you sparkle with the light of love….TRUST.

Image © Linda Apple


About Author

Tanya Allison

Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful Sage Magazine. Tanya’s involvement in helping people find purpose and meaning lead to the creation of Sage Magazine, a guide for the soul traveller along the path of wisdom and understanding. Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Tanya is a founding partner of Soul Traveller Radio, presenting a daily meditation show to help listeners start their day with a clear mind and right intentions. Tanya is also excited to be working with Simrit Kaur, on the first of many guided meditations to be available through Noisetrade.

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