Moon Meditation – Weaving Wellness Into Your World


mayaMeditation is a powerful practice to incorporate into our daily routine. Ceremony, in a prepared sacred space can further enhance and nurture our connection to the Divine outside of busy lives and the struggle against the dense energies of city living and a high tech society. The full moon and new moon cycles are an idyllic time to reclaim ritual and illuminate your journey.

Ritual reconnects us with the wisdom of the ancients; those that have walked before us, who understood the passage of the moon, the cycles around the sun that resonated with their entire way of life and survival. The full moon represented completion of a cycle, an ending and a release, just as a tree shakes away its dead leaves, so the full moon gifted the tribal circle with an opportunity to end a cycle in the physical and the spiritual.

Full moon ceremony is a time to let go. Meditate on these areas; where are you stuck? Where is there dis-ease or disharmony? Are your relationships nurturing or negative? Are you willing to change this now? Write down all that you wish to release on scrap paper and with a clear, authentic voice announce your intention to the universe to now release that which no longer serves you and therefore the planet – “I am the change that I wish to see and my purpose is just that!”

Use sage to cleanse your environment, light candles and burn the scrap paper with your written words of release under the glow of the moonshine. Do not forget that all crystals are so much more than their mineral composition; rather they are tools of the lightworker, in service to humanity with specific healing roles and capabilities and need to be a part of your full moon ritual. Optimal cleansing and clearing of dead energy is bathed away ready for activation with the new intentions of the lightworker.

New moon ceremony prepares the way for new beginnings – the medicine of manifestation – What do you wish to create in your world on a physical level? Relationship level? Planetary level? This is a time to recognise your gifts of service and allow yourself to receive love and guidance from the spirit world, prompting your intuitive spark of Divine intelligence to move forward with a clear vision for yourself and your community as a whole. This is a beautiful period to begin relationship anew; with self or with another and to call back your spirit and begin a fresh, empowering cycle.

Ground your energy and plant your soul seeds in the abundance of Earth Mother; soil or sand under your feet, listening to the sounds and song of nature, an ocean swim or a bush walk. The veil thins dramatically at this time, a natural phenomenon that many do not realise but should instantly understand because if the sun is Source energy than it’s very shadow is rich with the vitality of knowledge and clear- seeing vision.

Open to the realm of magnificence and your mind will naturally quieten in awe of who you really are – meditate upon your Divine intentions, or even better, join a group and create ritual together. By using your crystals to form a grid, your prosperity prayer is magnified and the new moon magic transcends limited mind to unlimited consciousness.

All ritual remains an act of love for self, a freedom to express our life force. Remember that you are not doing inner work to become more, you are doing inner work to reveal more. More of the perfect and powerful essence of you that already exists within the depths of your Being – weave wonder into this world and contribute a wealth of love and abundance that illuminates sacred steps for all Soul Travellers to follow.

Image © Paula Nicho Cumez
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