In Lak’esh



The ancient Mayan expression of In Lak’ech (pronounced In Lakesh) is energetically so similar to ‘Namaste’….In Lak’ech fully honours the presence and promise of another spiritual being having a human experience – it means ‘you are another me’ or ‘I am you’. This Divine expression has evolved into a living code of light for the heart of humanity.

In lak’ech invites us to think less separation and more heartfelt cooperation and collaboration…the more of us that participate in the creation of a better world, the quicker it will arrive! Take these teachings to your workplace and to the heart of your business – money is a natural flow and exchange of ‘true service’….goodwill given without expectation, transforms a troubled world into a paradise of peace and prosperity.

May all Soul Travellers feel the frequency of love that is ‘In Lak’ech’….blessings be.


About Author

Tanya Allison

Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful Sage Magazine. Tanya’s involvement in helping people find purpose and meaning lead to the creation of Sage Magazine, a guide for the soul traveller along the path of wisdom and understanding. Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Tanya is a founding partner of Soul Traveller Radio, presenting a daily meditation show to help listeners start their day with a clear mind and right intentions. Tanya is also excited to be working with Simrit Kaur, on the first of many guided meditations to be available through Noisetrade.

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