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Through a magical series of synchronistic events that began before I left Australia for the Big Island in Hawaii, I was introduced to a truly beautiful couple Eva Annaluna and Lee Wakefield, who oversee Home Heart Hawaii, their home that also provides a sacred space of retreat for 1 – 4 people.

The retreat is located at Captain Cook, a mountainous area with spectacular views of the pristine waters below.
Their story of how they came into relationship and the unique soul signature that they contribute as a couple makes for a magical read and confirmation of our abilities to manifest our wildest dreams into reality.

Eva’s journey begins in the Netherlands; diagnosed with a crippling pain in both arms, she struggled to even lift a pencil and was told by the medical fraternity that this disease was irreversible; Eva’s spirit was unwilling to accept this diagnosis and so began her own walk to wellness.

Eva Annaluna and Lee Wakefield in Hawaiian Nature

As soon as Eva was able to hold a crayon again, she began to pour her entire beingness into her paintings and poetry, years of inner work that transformed pain into life force once more. Following the publication of Eva’s book “Here I Am” – a stunning collection of her art work and poems that glistens with dolphin smiles and a strong connection to the fire goddess Pele, Eva was frequently asked ‘When did you visit Hawaii?’ This prompted a giant leap of faith to head to the shores of the Big Island, with a strong awareness that it was time to meet her soul mate and immerse herself in the healing energies of the dolphins….Pele was calling Eva and Lee home.

Lee moved to the Big Island after a previous relationship ended; as an astrologer, the planetary alignments beckoned him to deepen his understanding of self. Pele’s island granted safe harbour for Lee to embark on an inner journey of self-renewal that helped to settle Lee’s spirit into a deep knowingness of peace and a trust that he too was calling in his soul mate.

Both Eva and Lee agree that it was their willingness to attract a relationship on a higher consciousness level that enabled them both as individuals to actively work on removing all inner obstacles and make manifest their heart’s desire to be in right relationship…

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