Full Moon in Sagittarius



Sagittarius loves to look deeper and will travel the intuitive trail of trust just to ‘know more’…..fresh off the press on the planetary push is looking at all levels of your journey and answering some honest questions;

Do you feel lost? Do you lack a destination? Do you want an escape route? Do you wonder how on earth you got here now? Are you totally overwhelmed about where to begin?

This magical moon vibe is “cry your eyes out to get clear around the fear that is holding you hostage in your head”! Now is the time to venture towards your visions – appreciate the scenic route with snacks of solitude and meals of meditation. have a willingness to trust in the Divine detours of your life, and remember, ‘don’t look back, you’re not going that way’!

Right now you will be feeling restless – like you need to do something but you have no idea what…this will feel like a pressure, or a headache or a minor frustration. Take the battle from your head, to the healing in your heart and trust that right now, you are exactly where you are meant to be and that all is well in your world.

May all Soul Travellers bring optimism to obstacles and shine brightly on the way……..blessings.

Artist: ‘Daughter of The Moon’ by KerryNelson


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Tanya Allison

Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful Sage Magazine. Tanya’s involvement in helping people find purpose and meaning lead to the creation of Sage Magazine, a guide for the soul traveller along the path of wisdom and understanding. Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Tanya is a founding partner of Soul Traveller Radio, presenting a daily meditation show to help listeners start their day with a clear mind and right intentions. Tanya is also excited to be working with Simrit Kaur, on the first of many guided meditations to be available through Noisetrade.

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