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Celebrating The Light

It all began years ago when my attention was drawn to a constellation of stars in the night sky. I saw many shooting stars originating from this point in the cosmos and I felt a deep connection that I couldn’t explain. I was being called, but by whom? When I looked up the constellation’s name I was surprised that it was the ’Dolphin’. After that dolphins started showing up in my artwork and a dream was born; to swim with wild dolphins. 

Years later my dream came true and it changed my life forever. I found deep healing and came home in my heart. The dolphins united me with my Soulmate and life partner Lee. We have a retreat center in Hawaii and swim with the dolphins on a regular basis. During our swims I receive telepathic messages for these times of change. May this ’Dolphin Inspiration’ touch your heart and give you insights to illuminate your path.

’It is a beautiful sunny day with a brilliant blue sky. We drive along a winding road with lush tropical vegetation and marvel at the beauty of our surroundings. When we arrive at the bay we are excited to see a large pod of dolphins. They jump and spin in the air like acrobats; it looks like they are celebrating! We feel their invitation to play along with them and enter the warm ocean.

A peaceful feeling washes over me as the water cleanses my energy field. As I dive under I hear the high pitch sonar sounds of the dolphins. My heart bursts with joy and anticipation. I send out a greeting and express my gratitude to them for connecting with us. They answer my call with enthusiasm and let us join their pod.

I dive down with several dolphins by my side. They swim very close by me today, as if they are playing a game to see who gets to be the closest! Eye to eye with my dolphin family I feel so blessed… My body vibrates with pure Light and Love. This state of consciousness is our true essence. The dolphins whirl around me in an ecstatic dance. They create a vortex that forms a portal into a new dimension. Lately I have noticed physical changes taking place and I sense that on many levels I am adjusting to and grounding the new energies. Is my physical form transforming into a Light body? Is that why the dolphins swim so close by?

Powerful waves of Light wash ashore in our lives on a global scale. We all need to adjust to these new frequencies. You may become aware of physical changes in yourself as well, as you embody your true essence more and more. Some of us will prefer to take in different food, to match our new vibration. We continue to upgrade ourselves on all levels and at times this may feel challenging. To create space for the new, we have to let go of the old. Doors may close, but new doors will open beyond your expectations! As we surrender to the flow we renew and immerse ourselves in the magic of life.

The dolphins hold a bright vision of our future with their loving and playful energy. They teach us to open our heart and find our own path, that fully expresses our unique Being and frequency. Instead of looking at others and comparing ourselves, we need to dis~cover who we truly are. What makes your heart sing? When are you mostly yourself? It brings so much joy and relaxation to do what you love! Following your heart attracts situations and people that resonate with your vibration. It makes life more fun and flowing. When we connect while being true to ourselves, we create a community that supports us for our Highest Good.

Our personal choices ultimately affect the whole. When we choose from the heart, we create from the heart and if we all do this, we create a beautiful New World. The dolphins are already celebrating… So let’s join them!

“Towards The Light” Image © Eva Annaluna 
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Eva Annaluna

Eva Annaluna is an artist, aura healer, dolphin guide and hostess at the retreat center Home Heart Hawaii. She channels ’Dolphin Art by Mail’ and messages for the Soul’s path to assist people in their process of transformation in a playful dolphin way. Read more Dolphin Inspirations at:

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