Tanya Allison

Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful Sage Magazine. Tanya’s involvement in helping people find purpose and meaning lead to the creation of Sage Magazine, a guide for the soul traveller along the path of wisdom and understanding. Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Tanya is a founding partner of Soul Traveller Radio, presenting a daily meditation show to help listeners start their day with a clear mind and right intentions. Tanya is also excited to be working with Simrit Kaur, on the first of many guided meditations to be available through Noisetrade.27 Articles

Shayne Locke

Shayne Locke is the Program Director of Soul Traveller Radio and Producer of Sage Magazine. After many years of supporting Independent Music, Shayne is now taking his music passion and combining it with his own personal conviction to help bring conscious music to the world through Soul Traveller Radio. E: W: www.soultravellerradio.com12 Articles

Charles Virtue

Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, creator of the Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) Course and the author of some of the most prominent literature on working with Angels. From his early childhood on, Charles has been in touch with the Angels and their guidance and he knew that one day he would be guided to teach this ability to others. In his early 20’s, Charles began to give readings with the Angel Oracle Cards. He found instant comfort in helping people by teaching them how to clear the blocks and fears that kept them from hearing the true guidance that their Angels wanted them to receive. From then on his mission was clear: He wanted to teach people how to listen to their Angels and Inner Guidance. Charles' connection with the Angels has guided him to share the gifts they bring to each of our lives with people worldwide. As a Certified ATP®, Charles has combined his natural intuition with knowledge obtained through a lifetime of exposure to the metaphysical world, to bring us the Angel Certification Program (ACP), Mediumship and Life Purpose/Manifestation Classes. Charles is the co- author of the Angel book titled ‘Signs from Above’ (published by Hay House) and writes a monthly column in ‘Prediction Magazine’ in the UK. His own Angel oracle card deck (published by Hay House) will be in stores in July 2013.1 Articles

Greg Doyle

Greg Doyle is a trained classical musician, Reiki master/teacher, and passionate surfer. Awakening the Giant Within is his first book, and outlines his spiritual awakening. Born in Australia, he currently lives with his wife, Monika, a flautist, in Spain. Visit Greg’s website at www.gregdoylereiki.com1 Articles

Enza Vita

Enza Vita, is founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings. Enza has worked in the consciousness community as editor for glossy magazines Woman Spirit and Health & Wellbeing in the 90’s, and as co-editor of the newspaper Innerself for the last 12 years. Culminating in a profound spiritual realization in 2007, she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book ”Always Already Free – What is Enlightenment and What Does It Matter Anyway?”1 Articles

Lee Wakefield

Lee Wakefield is an astrologer, life coach, dolphin guide and host at the retreat center Home Heart Hawaii. Lee uses the ancient teachings, like the Hawaiian Huna wisdom in his coaching work, making him an inspiring astrologer to read your unique sky script.1 Articles

Leo Drioli

Leo Drioli has been a pioneering leader and spiritual teacher in the consciousness movement for over 25 years. Launching one of Australia’s first new age magazines, Golden Age in 1988, he quickly established himself as a writer releasing his first book “Every Moment’s a Miracle” in 1996, now a best-seller. Leo currently publishes Inner Self Magazine1 Articles

Alexis Cartwright

Eva Annaluna

Eva Annaluna is an artist, aura healer, dolphin guide and hostess at the retreat center Home Heart Hawaii. She channels ’Dolphin Art by Mail’ and messages for the Soul’s path to assist people in their process of transformation in a playful dolphin way. Read more Dolphin Inspirations at: www.homehearthawaii.com1 Articles

Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is a passionate Life Coach, creator of the Heart Process Coaching Model, author of the best selling book, “Love the Life You Live” and several more titles that help to support many individuals to create meaningful lives.1 Articles