Welcome to Sage Magazine

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It feels very beautiful to be sharing the essence of Sage with you, where the actual word “Sage” speaks to us on so many levels. On a medicinal level for cleansing, healing and purification; on a physical level for nurturing and nourishment to sustain vitality and good health; and on a spiritual level as a radiant Spirit Guide, shaman, medicine man or mentor – one who prepares the way…and so we share…Wisdom for the Soul Traveller.

Sage seeks to support the visionary path of all lightworkers on this planet, who humbly raise the vibrations and light frequencies joyously, by sharing their incredible gifts through their artwork, their music, their written word, their incredible inventive mind or their intention to simply put love on the top of the pile; gently guiding us back to the powerful places of peace and remembering deep within our core essence.

Sage seeks to celebrate our deep conviction to each other and to the Divine Source of all that is.

Sage seeks to embrace and nurture all souls on their unique, transformational journeys; offering great giveaways, bliss bytes of music, video to ignite the senses.

It is with gratitude that Shayne and I work as caretakers for the integrity of Sage Magazine. May abundant blessings of love, happiness and peace walk with you.

Tanya Allison.


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